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Total Compliance: OSHA & Infection Control Bundle (Dental/Medical)

Total Compliance: OSHA & Infection Control Bundle (Dental/Medical)

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PureWay’s Total Compliance: OSHA & Infection Control (IC) Bundle is fully customized to your office based on a hazard assessment and includes 1) site-specific OSHA administration and operations manuals as well as 2) written Infection Control plans. While most programs only cover federal regulations, PureWay’s OSHA & IC programs address federal, state AND county regulations to ensure total compliance.


Each program comes with access to our regulatory experts to answer any compliance-related questions you may have along the way to ensure your office is fully equipped to run a successful program, as well as ongoing support and 2 comprehensive 1-hour CE webinars for your entire staff to satisfy annual OSHA AND CDC training requirements.


OSHA Compliance Manuals: Required by OSHA, includes all the plans in a convenient binder for easy access and updating:

• Exposure Control

• Hazard Communication
• Emergency Action
• Disaster Recovery
• Respiratory Protection
• Radiation Safety
• Lockout/Tagout
• Laser Safety
• Injury and Illness Prevention Program
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Safe Injection Practices


Infection Control Manuals: Recommended by OSHA for identifying potential infection control hazards, this easily-updated binder contains everything you need including:

• Custom Infection Control Programs

• Sterilization Logs
• Spore Testing Logs
• Dental Unit Maintenance Logs
• Ultrasonic Solution Temperature Logs
• High Level Disinfection/ Liquid Sterilization Minimal Effective Concentration Testing Logs
• Maintenance and Cleaning/Decontamination Schedules
• Communicable Disease Management
• Safe Injection Practice Protocols
• Core Competency Certification Programs
• Infection Control Tracking Tools


1 Hour CE OSHA Webinar: Covers 12 critical topics including, but not limited to:

• Bloodborne Pathogens
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Respiratory Protection and much more!


1 Hour CE Infection Control Webinar: Covers critical topics including, but not limited to:

• Sterilization
• Spore Testing
• Safe Injection Protocols
• Communicable Disease Management and much more!


Signage: Required by OSHA, includes basic signage most offices forget to post in the office:

• Eyewash Station
• Fire Extinguisher
• Hand Washing
• Refrigerator
• Medical Gasses
• Electrical Room
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Biohazard Room
• Stop/No Exit


• 3 manuals & 2 CE hours