Medflats Medical Return + Disposal System

Medflats Medical Return + Disposal System

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MedFlats® is a complete, all-inclusive system that makes it simple to return and dispose of your pharmaceutical products responsibly. When you choose MedFlats® we supply your facility with everything you will need in one compact package. This empowers your employees to properly handle pharmaceuticals while maintaining the utmost regulatory compliance for unused or expired products. 

Included with MedFlats are all of the following valuable services, for on flat-rate cost:

  • Package for shipping
  • Return preparation instructions
  • Access to web inventory application with MedFlats
  • Identification of credit eligible items
  • Physical processing & reconciliation of received product
  • Data entry to systems & material handling
  • Thermal incineration of waste product
  • Waste characterization, inventory, storage & disposal
  • Preparation & electronic delivery of return processing reports by MedFlats 



  • Complete return & disposal solution
  • Outlet to responsibly destroy meds including controls. 
  • A user-friendly solution requires no training.
  • Affordable outlet for to maximize regulatory compliance 
  • Eliminate the risk of diversion
  • SOP driven process can scale to meet the needs of any facility, even with multiple locations
  • Cutting edge environmental stewardship.
  • Minimal Expense


  • Small - 9" x 6" x 3.5" , Capacity 189 CU. IN.* , Max Weight 2 LBS.*, Liner Dimensions 10" x 8" x 16" (Est. Half Gallon)
  • Large - 15" x 8" x 8" , Capacity 960 CU. IN.* , Max Weight 10 LBS.*, Liner Dimensions 12" x 10" x 24" (Est. 3 Gallon) 
  • Manufactured by PharmaLink, Inc. - 

IMPORTANT! Pharmaceutical waste (e.g. partial vials, carpules, pills, etc) CANNOT be discarded in the trash or in bio-hazard containers with other red bag and sharps waste. Anything that contains pharmaceutical waste must be stored in a specifically-designated container for proper disposal.

Manifest & Disposal

All PureWay Sharps disposal systems come with a waste manifest (four part form used for tracking purposes for commercial healthcare factilities) that is needed to properly document and track you disposal of each system. All completed manifest can be found online through our tracking portal ( once the system has been returned using the prepaid USPS shipping label included within 10 business days.

Shipping Details

Each system comes with a prepaid return USPS shipping label. Instructions are provided that details how to properly seal and ship your system using the contents included. All PureWay Sharps Disposal systems have everything you need to safely close and ship to a authorized disposal site.

Regulations By State

Check your state regulations State Resources Page