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Chemgon® Fixer & Developer Treatment and Disposal System

Chemgon® Fixer & Developer Treatment and Disposal System

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Processing chemicals, like fixer and developer, contain large amounts of silver and are considered hazardous by the EPA. Pouring chemical waste down the drain is not an acceptable disposal method as this leads to the contamination of our water system. All processing chemicals must be properly treated before disposal, either in-office or by a treatment center depending upon your generation volume.


Chemgon requires a permit for CA users – please call for further information.


• Converts hazardous X-ray processing chemicals, including fixer and developer or stabilizer and activator, into nonhazardous solid waste, safe for regular trash disposal
• In-office treatment for up to 5 gallons of photochemical waste
• Ideal for both manual and automatic processors; work either directly from a tray or as the overflow from your processor
• Save up to 75% compared with the cost of radiographic waste disposal services
• No manifest with the EPA needed – just keep a personal log
• To use, simply pour spent liquids in over time and dispose when full



• 9.75″w x 15.5″h x 9.75″d