Battery Recycling Kit

Battery Recycling Kit

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One convenient bucket system designed to safely and securely collect and ship your batteries.  The system includes a 5-gallon bucket, shipping label, and recycling by a certified recycling center. 

  • Holds up to 35 lbs of TSCA-exempt, non-PCB lamp ballasts.
  • Each UN-certified container comes with a Life Latch® lid, a poly liner, tie, instructions, terms & conditions, and a pre-paid return shipping label.
  • Access exclusive online features including recycling reports, container tracking, and certificates of recycling.
  • Only sold in the United States. Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, or Puerto Rico.
  • Bucket size: 3.5 gallons


  • Prepaid return shipping box for convenient return
  • Secure container for safe shipping and handling — made in the USA
  • Reporting and tracking (by request)


  • Low cost 
  • Purchase as needed — only pay for what you need
  • Convenient prepaid return shipping label


12.62”W x 11.5”H 

Shipping Details

Each system comes with a prepaid return shipping label. Instructions are provided that detail how to properly seal and ship your system using the contents included. All PureWay systems have everything you need to safely close and ship to an authorized recycling site.

Regulations By State

Check your state regulations State Resources Page